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When Celia from Inspires Coaching first contacted me about a rebrand for her career development coaching business, she was feeling frustrated and held back by her current logo.

She was conscious that whilst her logo was ok at the beginning, it no longer reflected what her business had become. Celia was increasingly trying to design things without a sense of what her ‘look’ was, so it was taking her longer than she really had time for.

As a result, she was dragging her feet on following through with some projects – slowing her up even more.

My mission was to rebrand Inspires Coaching so Celia could take her business forward, with confidence (and a consistent, beautiful brand ofc).

The Brief

Celia offers a range of career development coaching services to her clients, who tend to be mostly female but not exclusively. She wanted to be known for helping to nurture people’s strengths and see their own potential. Her clients feel refreshed, recommitted, and grounded once working with her and no longer feel overwhelmed and unfulfilled in their career.

Brand values

compassion | insight | balance | practicality | growth

Some of things Celia mentioned in her brief:

  • Fun – she loves Lego, when she gets time to play
  • Trees – which she loves, but wasn’t sure if they were a bit too common in the coaching industry
  • Flowers – Celia loves growing and arranging flowers
  • Geometry – she has a maths degree and likes the balance of geometric shapes, which are also seen in flowers
  • Oxford – where she’s based and where Inspires comes from, literally ‘in spires’
  • Autumn – the colours suit her and she loves orange/teal of her current logo, late blooming flowers could represent those established in their career

Things she didn’t want:

  • Blue – too corporate and cold
  • Black
  • Nothing too girly or too cut throat – she’s a jeans and converse kinda girl
  • Anything that would have a big environmental cost – keeping ink/printing to a minimum so no heavily coloured backgrounds

The Process​

The first stage of all my branding projects is research and design development. I started off by sketching lots of initial ideas in my sketchbook. For this project, I drew a number of autumnal flowers, trees, skylines, natural details and I even cut up shapes from the Oxfordshire skyline and rearranged them to create a block.

After creating the sketches, I chose the ones I thought had potential and drew them up into Adobe Illustrator. These were then developed into the three concepts I presented Celia, which I’ve shown below…

Brand Concept 1

Inspiration for this concept came from the autumn season. It symbolises people established in their careers, as well as Celia’s experience. The autumn leaves also represent the shedding of old beliefs and mindset challenges. The acorn represents new beginners and the potential that brings with it. Shedding the old and planting the seed of Celia’s clients’ future.

The orientation of the leaves all pointing upwards, is also a nod to the spires and domes of Oxford.

The colour palette contains her existing teal colour, paired with other autumnal shades.

Brand Concept 2

Inspired by autumn flowers, the hero of this concept is the rudbeckia and punchy colour scheme. The most feminine of the three concepts, this brand would provide lots of floral pattern & detail options.

The colour scheme incorporates the current teal along with some fresh and dark colours to give the palette depth.

Brand Concept 3

The inspiration for this concept came from the skyline of Oxford coupled with the idea of Lego. Almost creating the skyline from building blocks. It’s abstract and geometric nature makes it modern, whilst still being recognisable as the spires of Oxford.

The colour palette uses the existing teal and orange, paired with some fresh tones. The light pink & blue lift the design, without them it feels quite flat as there isn’t enough contrast between buildings.

Why the client chose the concept they did (in their own words)

“The eventual leaves design felt most like me. It’s warm and natural, and represents how I want my clients to feel, like they’ve been on a walk in woodland on a crisp Autumn day and now feel calm, grounded and clear-headed.”

The final brand identity

A rich, warm logo with leaves representing four British Trees (Beech, Birch, Hazel & Oak), which also reflect four areas of Celia’s business.

As always, there is flexibility within the colour palette and brand assets to create consistent, on brand visuals for all aspects of marketing, from social media to website, contracts to training documents, and everything in between.

“Working with Christina was very easy. From our first friendly call to the delivery of my finished branding, she was professional and efficient. She is a patient guide through the design process and her marketing experience shows through in the range of assets she produced to cover every way I might need to use my branding. The finished result feels very ‘me’ and I know it’s going to make a big difference as I start using it”.

A few words from the client:​

How do you feel after working with me?

Pleased I made the investment as I feel my business looks more professional, but also represents more accurately who I am.

I like my branding because it has made life so much easier! I don’t have to dither over colours or fonts. I just follow your guidance and it works.

How has our work together impacted your business?

It is saving me time and giving my whole business a cohesive look, from my website to my contracts.

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What do you think?

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