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Service: Small Business Website


When Miriam contacted me following a recommendation, she was feeling fed up with her old website (pictured). 

She was worried it was putting people off because it was old, long and overcomplicated. It felt overwhelming because there were so many pages.

Miriam wanted to streamline things so it was clearer what services she offered.

The Brief

Create a fresh, new website that’s clear, clean and easy to follow. Miriam wanted it to feel more ‘her’ with a fresh injection of a bright pink colour palette and a focus on her work.

The Process​

The first step of a website project is for a client to supply all their written + visual content. This is often the bit clients can find tricky. I always give your content a quick read through when I’m copy and pasting it into your new website, which can often put people’s mind at rest.

Once I had Miriam’s content I created what’s called a wireframe. This is a basic layout document showing what I plan to put where, on each page. This gives the client an opportunity to identify any gaps, realise they need an extra image or two and check they’re happy with the direction.

After the wireframe is signed off, I get to designing. I start with the desktop version but as soon as that’s agreed, I move onto designing the mobile and tablet versions. Ensuring they’re as good as the desktop version.

I also go back through it at the end and tweak it to improve your SEO. This is one of the things that makes me different to other website designers, who will create a lovely looking website but pay no attention to the SEO side of things. For me, it’s important that I carry out the basics, to give your website a helping hand to get found.

Before and after pictures

“I was very happy with the process, you explained everything and listened to my thoughts”

Words straight from the client:

How do you feel after working with me?

Happy that I chose you!

How do you think our work together will impact your business moving forward?

I really hope to attract more clients.

In the 6 months following the launch, Miriam has had over 400 users and 500 sessions on her new website. 

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