5 Things You Can Do To Maximise the Impact of Your Website

Most websites I build are designed with the same goal in mind – to get clients/customers to contact the business and work with them. Converting website visitors to paying clients/customers isn’t always easy but here’s my top 5 things you can do, to try and maximise the impact of your website, in order to get those enquiries flowing.

Tell Visitors What You Do Straight Away

People don’t have time to hang around, if they’re on your website they want to find out more. Don’t make what you do and how you can help them a mystery!

Ensure Your Pages Are Consistent

One of my personal bug bears and something I see all the time is inconsistency across a website. Sure, there will be some variation page to page but there should always be consistent elements to your website, such as what colours you use, where you put the page titles, your font styles etc.

Make Sure Your Site is Mobile (& Tablet) Friendly

When designing your website on your laptop or PC it’s easy to forget that about 50% off global website traffic comes from mobile devices. Make sure your website looks great on all devices, otherwise you’ll be losing clients without even realising it.

Show What Your Existing Clients Think

Let your potential clients know what it feels like to be an actual client! Be sure to include reviews and quotes from previous clients/customers throughout your website.

Include Calls to Action on Every Page

People subconsciously like to be told what to do. If you want visitors to do something on your website you have to tell them. Every page on your website should include at least one call to action e.g. “Find out more about x” “Book a call today”. Think about your customer journey and plan your calls to action on the route you want them to take through your website.

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