Three Reasons Email Marketing is Good For Business

Let’s kick off by saying that email marketing can be abused by lots of businesses. In the sense that they bombard us with emails daily (or even more than once a day). If you’re letting that put you off email marketing for your business, please don’t.

You’re not suddenly going to morph into a spammer just because you start email marketing. It’s all about finding the rhythm for you and your subscribers. But you’ll only find that rhythm if you actually do it.

There are lots of reasons why email marketing is good for business, I’m going to share three with you today.

Reason Number 1 – Relationships

It’s amazing how much you can nurture a relationship with a potential client/customer, by sending a few emails.

In your emails it’s so much easier to share content in depth. You can personalise your emails – both in the sense of using the person’s name but also by segmenting your audience and sending them emails about the stuff they’re really interested in.

Just because your emails are being sent ‘en masse’ doesn’t mean they can’t feel personal. Like you’re writing it just to me. That’s the beauty of email marketing.

By keeping in touch with people regularly, you build on the relationship you have with them and good relationships are good for business.

Reason Number 2 – Time

When I delivered my masterclass last week about marketing yourself in ways other than social media (if you missed it, you can buy it here), I talked a bit about how social media can take up so much of our time and doesn’t always give a great return for the time you spend doing it.

Email marketing can deliver results, without taking toooo much time because:

  • Most people can put together an email campaign in 1-2 hours if they’re prepared and know what they want to talk about
  • Lots of elements can be entirely automated, which saves heaps of time
  • When you send an email to someone who’s on your list, it lands in their inbox* and that is already like gold dust compared to posting on social media and the time you feel like you need to spend engaging
  • You don’t need to constantly engage with people on email, between sending your emails BUT
  • People can just reply to your email and land straight in your inbox, where you can reply

*small disclaimer, that sometimes it can go into spam but there are ways to minimise that. Get in touch if you want to know how.

Reason Number 3 – Money

Email marketing can make you money. From three emails I sent this month, I sold nearly £200 in tickets to my networking event and masterclass.

Sure, I might’ve sold £200 worth of tickets through other means but I doubt all the people who bought from my email would have done without that email. I also really doubt I would have sold that many spaces in 4 days without email, even if the sales had come in eventually.

Email marketing doesn’t have to be mega expensive. Compared to social ads, I would say it’s money better spent. The costs associated with email marketing are:

  • An upgraded account on email marketing platforms, like MailChimp. The costs are usually pretty low for what most small businesses need, around £15-20/month
  • Your time/paying someone to do your email marketing for you

That’s it. Two costs and actually, you can avoid both of those for quite a while if you want to.

There are plenty of other reasons email marketing is good for business, these are just three of the big ones.

If you’re now feeling that you need to start email marketing, join my masterclass “How to Start Email Marketing” for an introduction that will take you from “no idea where to start” to “I’m on it”. You can buy your place on the masterclass here.

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