What’s The Difference Between a Rebrand and a Brand Refresh?

It might surprise you that half of my branding clients aren’t new businesses, they’re existing businesses going through a refresh or a rebrand.

If you’ve been running your business for a while, chances are at some point it will change direction slightly or you’ll feel like you’re outgrowing it. That’s the time when most people consider rebranding or refreshing their current brand. So what’s the difference?

When you think about your brand, it’s much more than just your logo. It’s your tone of voice, imagery, messaging, services/products, colour palette, typeface, patterns, packaging AND your logo.


When a business is thinking about rebranding, it’s normally because they’ve outgrown their current brand. Things have moved on since they started their business and their existing brand just isn’t fitting the bill anymore. This could be because the business has:

  • changed direction and now offers different services/products
  • niched down and is now serving a very specific audience
  • grown and become more than just one individual
  • changed it’s name

Whatever the reason, businesses who rebrand will not only refresh their visual identity (logo, colours, typefaces etc), they’ll be reworking their messaging, their marketing and other elements of their business.

A rebrand doesn’t have to mean a new name by the way. It can just be changing the entire look and feel of your business.

Many of the clients who come to me are rebranding after a few years of running their business. Often they started out with an off the shelf logo they bought on somewhere like. After a few years of proving their business can work they feel like they need to look ‘more professional’. Part of that professionalism comes from having a strong, polished, consistent brand. When you don’t feel your brand looks professional you can start to lack confidence in your whole business (I know – I’ve been there)! You stop promoting it as much, you don’t talk about it, you’re not proud of it, and that my friend is a shame. You and your business deserves more than that.

I help my clients to step up and take their business to the next stage of its life. Giving them the creative support they need enables them to move forward with confidence and grow their business. I’ve seen so many clients go from ashamed about their visual identity to bursting with pride and that’s why I love helping them.

Below is an example of a rebrand for one of my clients, Jess. When she started her business she was offering a range of virtual assistant services. Over the last few years she found herself offering more and more social media support, which she loved. So Jess decided to take the business in that direction and specialise in social media support. This meant it was time for a rebrand…

Pic 1 – Sansom VA – Jess’ old branding, which she’d outgrown in her transition to a social media business

Pic 2 – Blooming Social Media – Jess’ new brand for her social media business, Blooming Social Media.

Brand Refresh

If a business isn’t fundamentally changing but they feel like their visual identity just needs a little bit of tweaking, that’s when a brand refresh might be the perfect option.

A brand refresh enables you to update your visual brand without changing it completely. It could be you change a typeface in your logo, maybe your colour palette has lost it’s pizazz or you might only have your logo in one format and need more flexibility. Any of these changes would be considered a brand refresh.

Clients typically come to me for a refresh when their logo starts to feel dated. Depending on the process they went through developing their logo, it could be that the colour palette just doesn’t reflect their business or was super on trend at the time and is no longer ‘cool’.

Tweaking a logo doesn’t mean changing it completely, it means just refreshing it and giving it a burst of new life.

The cost of brand refresh is usually considerably less than for a rebrand.

Below is an example of a brand refresh I designed for Kitchen Door Guru.

If you’re thinking of rebranding or having a brand refresh this year, I’d love to talk to you about the best option for your business and how I can help that dream become a reality. Book a call with me to get started on your journey.

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