Why Your Logo Doesn’t Need to Be Front and Centre on Everything

Imagine buying an iPhone just because of the Apple logo. You wouldn’t, would you?

While the iconic Apple logo plays a role in their identity, it’s not the reason people buy their products. You’re more likely to be drawn to Apple products because of the values, quality and user experience the brand represents.

So, do you believe someone would buy your products or services because of your logo?

Your logo isn’t your entire brand, it’s only a symbol of it. In this blog post, I want to explore how and why utilising other elements of your brand and visual identity can lead to brand recognition and a deeper connection with your audience.

The purpose of your logo

Your logo can be a quick way for people to recognise and recall your business. However, many businesses fall into the trap of thinking that their logo is the only element of their brand that matters. A logo is just one element of your overall brand and on its own, it doesn’t communicate the full story of your business.

The iPhone example

Let’s go back to Apple for a minute. They’re a company known for innovation and quality. When you think about why you might buy an iPhone, maybe it’s the sleek design, great technology or the convenience of connecting multiple devices seamlessly that appeals to you. The Apple logo probably isn’t a consideration at all.

The other thing to think about is that when you see an Apple advert, you can probably recognise the brand long before the logo appears at the end. This is because Apple has invested heavily in creating a consistent and compelling brand experience and identity that goes beyond their logo.

Why Bigger Isn’t Always Better

First of all, I mean no disrespect but…no one knows who you are. And plastering your logo on everything or making it bigger, isn’t going to change that.

I mean that’s a bit of an exaggeration but relatively speaking, your business probably isn’t that well known. Especially if at this stage all you’re using to build your brand is a single logo.

When creating materials for your business, whether that’s your website, a leaflet or a poster, your messages are far more important than your logo. In the example below, which design do you think is most likely to attract customers who need Julie’s services?

Here’s four reasons why the second design works harder for Julie:

  1. The services being offered are the biggest thing on the page, therefore it’s more immediately obvious what problem her business can help you solve
  2. With the logo smaller, it’s not wasting a third of the space available on the page
  3. With more space available there’s room for an extra image, which attracts your attention, especially if you’re a dog person and that’s who this design is aimed at
  4. The design is more balanced and it’s easier for the eye to be drawn to the important information
  5. Overall it focusses on how she can help you, rather than focussing on a logo for a business that not many people will recognise / know.

Branding Beyond Your Logo

Strong branding encompasses much more than just a logo and includes things like:

  • your mission, vision and values
  • the brand voice you use in all your communications and marketing
  • customer experience
  • the quality of your products or services
  • other visual elements such as colours, patterns, fonts and design details

If you implement these elements consistently you will build a stronger, more recognisable brand than if you just plaster your logo on everything.


Your logo is a crucial part of your brand identity, but it’s not the whole story. By focusing on what your brand stands for, using other visual elements consistently and creating a high-quality customer experience, you can build a strong, recognisable brand that appeals to your audience. It’s everything about your brand that makes an impact, not just your logo.

Take five minutes now to reflect on your own brand strategy and visual identity. Are you overly reliant on your logo, or are you effectively communicating what your brand is about by using all the other ways mentioned in this blog?

If you’re looking to refine your branding, consider booking a free consultation to explore your options.

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