Coronavirus and Marketing

My thoughts on small businesses managing their marketing during the uncertain times Coronavirus presents us with.

At the moment none of us know what impact this worldwide situation will have on our personal lives or our businesses and whilst it might feel wrong to carry on with ‘business as usual’, as small business owners we must do all that we can to ensure the survival of our businesses.

It’s really important to communicate with your clients/customers at this time. Although there might not be much to say at this point, just let them know what your plan is for if things do change.

I would go so far as to say prepare emails for each potential stage of the next few months. If you do end up contracting the virus, you might not feel well enough to compose an email to let your clients know, so I recommend doing it now. I’ve just drafted several emails, set them up in my drafts folder with all the recipients added and ready to go. If I end up unwell, I can quickly log in and click send or even ask someone else to do that for me. Future you will thank current you for being prepared, trust me.

As well as what you can do right now, I think that we’ll find as more and more people begin to self-isolate, they’re going to be spending more and more time on their phones and social media.

Whilst continuing to post as normal might feel weird, for some it will be comforting that things are carrying on as normal, despite all the uncertainty.

If you offer remote services or products that you can still dispatch, think now about the messaging you can be putting out there to a) reassure people that you’re still operating as normal and b) let people know what you can offer in these times.

I’m not saying capitalise on it, to me that doesn’t sit quite right. I’m just saying, think about what you can do to promote your business now, to help you see out this pandemic. When it’s over, people will go back to normal and if you’ve completely dropped off the face of the earth for four months, will they remember you?If you’re worried about maintaining a social media presence during this period, or are unsure about what you want to post, get in touch for some advice.

If anyone wants to have a marketing ‘power hour’ with me (via video call), to thrash out some ideas on how to manage/what to do with your marketing in this period, I will be offering this for £75 for the next few weeks.
If you find that you cannot continue with business as usual and are put into self-isolation, try to see it as an opportunity to work ON your business and not IN it. There are many things that we don’t get time to do as business owners, so if you’re able to, use the time to think about your goals, review your current marketing techniques, plan your next campaign and draft some content for your blogs/social media so you’re ahead of the game.

Most importantly of all, take care of yourself, your family, your friends and your community during this time. I hope kindness will prevail at this time of bulk buying and selfishness and everything we can do to change people’s mindset to thinking of the broader community, the better.

Sending good vibes and positive thoughts your way.

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