blog writing service in dorset

Writing regular blogs can help drive traffic to your website, build trust with your audience and provide you with content for your emails & social media.

Have you been planning to add a blog to your website for months but still haven’t got round to it? Or was the last blog you wrote 2 years ago? 

Perhaps you’re totally on top of blogging but it’s taking up too much of your time and you want to outsource it? I’d love to help.

I’m a Dorset based blog writer, who’s been writing content for businesses for over 10 years. When I write a blog, I bring together my creativity, marketing experience, SEO knowledge and more. So what you get is more than just a word document with some words on it. You’ll have a fully formed, well thought out, SEO optimised blog, uploaded straight to your website.*

SEO optimised blog writer poole dorset

Monthly Blog Writing Support

When it comes to blog writing, I like to do things differently. 

The blogs I write aren’t just written in a word document for you to then upload, find images for and SEO optimise. I do all of that for you. 

With a background in marketing and an A Level in English, I’m the perfect blend of creative writer + marketing expert, which means I can craft you an SEO optimised blog that doesn’t sound spammy or turn off your audience. Also, because my personality means I tend to mirror people, I can capture your brand’s tone of voice, so no one will even know it’s me writing for you. 

So if you ask me to write a blog for you, besides checking you’re happy with it, you don’t have to lift a finger (unless you want to).

Each blog includes:

  • Coming up with a topic, or I can work with one you provide
  • Content research
  • SEO optimised blog written, including meta title + description
  • Image sourcing
  • Uploading your blog to your website (providing you can give me access)
  • Crafting a meta title & description + making sure your on page SEO is brilliant

Why blogging matters to your business

Blogging is a great way to:

  • Demonstrate your experience and expertise in your industry
  • Go into more detail about services you offer and how they can transform your clients’ lives
  • Keep your website updated with fresh content
  • Get found on Google (hello SEO)
  • Create content that you can repurpose on social media and in your emails
  • Get more clients

Whether you just need some advice about getting started or you want someone to take blogging off your hands, I’d love to help.

“Organisations that blog actively increase their ability to generate leads by 126%”

*Pricing for solo business owners. Corporate pricing may vary, please get in touch for a bespoke quote. Blogs will be added to your website providing access can be given.